Using social media to market your brand can be incredibly effective. After all, social media is used every day by billions of people around the world. However, social media marketing requires consistency, as well as up-to-date content in order to successfully drive traffic to your target pages or products. This can be incredibly time-consuming. In fact, many social media and content managers would complain that social media management is the most time-consuming part of their job. There’s a remedy for that though, and it could just boost your success rates in social media marketing. Using automation tools for social networks helps you keep your post rate consistent, provides you with fresh, evergreen content, and helps you track statistics and data on your content so that you can consistently grow and improve your social channels. Besides that, there are a few other reasons why automation tools are beneficial.

1. Maintain Consistent Content

Consistency is key to building a strong following on social media. Businesses often create accounts on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter but have trouble achieving consistency. According to 900 social media users, consistency is an important factor that determines whether people continue to follow a brand. Social media automation holds the solution to this problem.

Tools like Hootsuite and AgoraPulse help you discover fresh, trending content that you can share with your audience. Hootsuite’s great feature is especially the streams, where you can get important activity from any and all platforms on all accounts with a quick glance. If somebody retweets or mentions you, you will know ASAP and be able to respond accordingly.

2. Saves Time

Social media campaigns require loads of time. For this, social media managers need to be active and consistent if they want to attract customers to a company. The best way to make time to achieve all social media goals is by using social media automation tools. They offer options such as engagement responses, auto-posting, and scheduled posting. These options allow you to make the most of your timing and time in general. Instead of wasting your precious time on managing social media campaigns, you can use the time to investigate growth opportunities, engage with customers, and run your business.

3. Organize Conversations

As any social media manager could tell you, socializing is important. Unfortunately, they can also probably tell you how hard it is to remember every conversation they have had. Introducing multiple social networks into the equation and finding old conversations in a timely manner becomes nearly impossible. A social media management tool makes it much easier for you to keep track of all your conversations.

To begin with, all of your data is in one place. This already makes your job easier. Some tools also allow you to search for conversations by keyword, which may make you feel like you have social media superpowers. By remembering even one word or name from the conversation, you will be able to find it with ease. Not bad, huh?

4. Increase Visibility

Automation tools help you create a working social media strategy. They ensure your messages are visible to the audience and help you reach them on time. Social media automation works for you 24/7 so that you are always available to customers. You can stay in touch with your audience when they are active. As a social manager or a business owner, you have complete control over the content shared, times of posting, and frequency.

Automation tools allow you to schedule posts after creating them. They then publish at the time of your choosing. They also make it easy for you to post your content on different platforms frequently. Since these tools provide you with insights into how your content is performing, it becomes easier to reach your target customers.

5. Analyze Your Growth

Analyzing your social media performance is the only way you’re going to be able to reflect on your strategy. By evaluating what’s worked and what hasn’t, you can plan effectively for the future. Most social media automation tools provide you with data about each of your platforms to help you analyse your efforts and make informed decisions moving forward. AgoraPulse is one of them.

Some metrics included in these tools include popular content, number of link clinks, how much engagement you’re getting with different platforms, optimal times to post, and more. You can use this information to underpin your whole social media strategy. For example, if you find that people really engage with your quote graphics, definitely try to share more of them!

6. To Manage Multiple Social Pages

Some businesses rely on multiple social profiles and networks for their marketing efforts, which can make managing social media exponentially more complex. There are many reasons why a company would have multiple social pages (different product lines, teams, locations, etc.), but imagine how much harder it would be to manage them if you had to log in and out of each individual profile and network to check all of your messages.


Social media tools can aggregate the messages sent to all of your profiles and networks into one spot, saving you the time and effort needed to constantly juggle accounts. For instance, Hootsuite enables you to monitor multiple social media platforms at once with its social media streams. And yes, you can also use it to keep an eye on your brands with its real-time updates. Because it keeps track of your brands, you’ll be updated upon mentioning your brand, and as such, know what customers are saying about it.

Using social media tools will help you achieve consistency in your social media marketing efforts. It gives you greater control over the content you share, and how you share it. You will spend less time manually updating brand pages and you will stay active on social media beyond regular business hours.

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