Ad campaigns are a set of advertising messages with a similar message intended to meet specific marketing goals. After creating your theme messages, you should place them across different mediums and within set timeframes. When done the right way, ad campaigns on social media can help you achieve goals such as increasing your brand awareness, increasing sales, and improving communication with your target audience.

Creating a successful ad campaign takes more than just creating an ad. It entails following a set of critical steps that include:

  • Setting a goal- before launching your campaign, define why you want to start it. You may hope to achieve many goals, such as attracting new clients, establishing new products, or promoting existing products. Whatever your goal, ensure you define it before proceeding.
  • Defining your target- the success of your social media ad campaigns depends on how well you define your target audience. When creating your ads, ensure you understand the demographics of your audience.
  • Choosing an advertising platform- once you develop your ad message, choose the most suitable advertising platform based on your target audience. In this case, you can decide to use email marketing, social media campaigns, content marketing, or search engine marketing.
  • Depicting your message clearly- after choosing the platform to share your ads, ensure you follow the required ad creation strategies of the medium of your choice. Whichever the medium, your message should be well organized, natural-sounding, concise, and coherent.
  • Designing- win the attention of your target audience by using a responsive design.
  • Tracking your metrics and KPIs- once you launch your ad campaign, you must track your results to determine your ads’ performance. In addition, tracking your ad’s performance helps you determine which parts of the ad message you need to change or improve.

If you hope to launch a successful ad campaign, consider working with a marketing agency that’s familiar with your industry.


Difference Between Ad Campaigns and Social Media Posts

When it comes to social media marketing, you have two options; social media ad campaigns and social media posts. You may find the two concepts confusing if you are new to social media marketing.

What are Social Media Posts?

Social media posts are the content you share with your followers through your user profile. You can either share a simple blurb of a text, an image, a link to other content, or a video. After sharing, your followers can comment, like, or share the post.

Alternatively, you can choose to share a boosted social media post. You create and share it on your timeline the same way you share a social media post but with an added option to promote it. Sharing a boosted social media post is an effective way to advertise your business without setting up an ad manager account.

As a small business owner, you can rely on social media posts to:

  1. Market your business on social media
  2. Expand your brand awareness
  3. Reach a new audience without breaking the bank

What are Social Media Ads?

Social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn have ads managers running in the background to track curated content and organic content. Therefore, social media ads help you achieve everything social media posts do and more. As a small business owner, you can benefit from social media ads by:

  • Achieve a specific ad campaign goal
  • Reach a more targeted audience

Utilize the ad managers to optimize your budget and drive more effective performance


Why You Might Buy Ad Campaigns

Social media creates a perfect platform to attract new customers, generate leads, and increase your brand’s awareness. Research by Google indicates that ad campaigns increase brand awareness by up to 80%. With such high figures, you need to consider giving paid ads a chance. However, the success of your ad campaign depends on how effectively you create and run it.

A paid ad is provided by a specific digital network provider and requires you to pay the provider in return. There are various paid ad campaigns ranging from pop-up ads, video ads, and display ads. The type of ad you choose depends on your target audience and advertising medium.

Paid ad campaigns rely on algorithms based on social media activity to distinguish the target audience’s interest. Therefore, they effectively advertise your brand only to the interested audience.

Benefits of Social Media Ads

Utilizing social media marketing campaigns offers numerous benefits as we are going to see:

Increases Brand Awareness

Social media platforms create an excellent opportunity for you to craft a unique brand voice using a small budget. By working with a creative team, you can create content audience-specific ads, increasing your visibility within that target market. In addition, posting regularly on social media allows you to interact directly with your clients, creating credibility and making your clients eager to listen to you.

Increases Inbound Traffic

Running social media ads as part of your marketing strategy helps you reach customers outside your loyal customer base. Every social ad you share acts as a gateway to acquiring a new customer. When creating your ads, be sure to design them based on your target demographic and the platform you wish to run the ad. For instance, a Facebook ad may be significant in targeting Gen X, while Twitter ads may be perfect for Millenials and Gen Z.

Increases Conversion Rate

Being active on social media increases your visibility, helping your business gain more opportunities for conversions. You increase your visibility by sharing, commenting, and posting on social media. Therefore, when you create social media ads, your audience is more likely to embrace it than when they know little about you.


Using paid ads for your social media marketing is probably one of the most cost-effective parts of your marketing strategy. Unlike other marketing tactics, paid ads are relatively low-cost, but they give you a greater return on investment.


Final Thoughts

Leveraging paid ad campaigns on social media can be a powerful way to solidify your branding, increase sales, and generate quality leads. But for you to succeed, you need to create and carry out effective ad campaigns strategically. Running social media ads can be challenging, and one wrong turn can cause less-thrilling results.

Luckily, you don’t have to endure the pressure of creating effective social media ads. Instead, a professional digital marketing agency such as Winslow Ranch can help take the burden off your schedule. Located in Bloomington, Indiana, our social media marketing agency prides itself in helping small businesses realize the benefits of marketing by offering various marketing services.

If you would like help with your paid ad campaign, contact us today, and our professional team will be happy to help you.